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Sectional Services

Sectional ServicesAdministration Section

  • Recruiting
  • Promotions
  • Confirmation of appointment
  • Extension of service
  • Releasing from service
  • Retirement from service
  • Overseas scholarships
  • Disciplinary actions in Ministry, and departments and institutions coming under it.
  • Appearing for court cases
  • Human resource development activities
  • Establishment activities of all institutions coming under the Ministry
  • Coordination of Establishment and administrative activities

Planning Section

  • Proving guidance to prepare development plans of departments, boards and commissions under the Ministry in accordance with guidelines from Finance Commission and funding organizations, approving them and giving permission to amend them while being implemented
  • Monitoring, managing and post-evaluation of development plans implemented by various departments and institutions.
  • Monitoring progress when implementing development plans.
  • Preparing to hand over projects properly completed under annual development plans to the public.
  • Getting support from local and foreign NGOs for the development of relevant fields of the Central Province.
  • Implementing productivity programme of the Ministry and assisting to implement and supervising such programmes in departments and institutions coming under the Ministry.
  • Implementing, monitoring and post-evaluation of 'Nanoda' programme.
  • Operation, supervision and post-evaluation of Vocational Training Centres under Department of Education.
  • Implementing, conducting, monitoring and post-evaluation of Community Based Water Project.
  • Establishment, implementation, operation, supervision and post-evaluation of Early Childhood Development Unit.

Accounts Section

  • Proper distribution of funds allocated for the Ministry from annual budget to departments, boards and other institutions
  • Activities related to Capital & recurrent expenditure
  • Payments
  • Procurement
  • Preparing reports and presenting facts pertaining to Accounts Committee
  • Replying to audit reports
  • Preparation of reports
  • Storage    

Educational ServicesEducation Section

Performing duties related to Teacher Service, Principal Service, Education Administration Service and non-academic staff of schools.

Sri Lanka Teacher Service

  • Recruiting graduates and diploma holders to Sri Lanka Teacher Service
  • Implementing and monitoring Teacher Transfer Policy
  • Monitor and guide processes at zonal level in relation to promotions
  • Teacher transfers to national and inter-provincial schools
  • Provide graduate appointments for teachers who graduated while in service
  • Provide appointments for teachers who were trained while in service
  • Issuing permanent appointment for apprentice teachers
  • Teachers' study leave, subject leave, reinstatement in service and disciplinary actions

Sri Lanka Principal Service and Sri Lanka Education Administration Service

  • Appointing to positions of SLPS/SLEAS
  • Extension of services, confirmation of appointments, retirements and directing to line ministry with recommendation
  • Disciplinary actions

Non-academic Staff of Central Provincial Schools

  • Recruitment to non-academic staff of schools
  • Duties pertaining to transfers, confirmation of appointments, promotions and efficiency bar examinations.
  • Retirements.
  • Disciplinary affairs

Internal Audit

Ensuring transparency in administration through constant inspection to emphasise that all departments and institutions coming under the ministry function in accordance with the financial and administrative laws and regulations.
Preventing errors and frauds in internal administrative systems in departments, zonal education offices and schools coming under the Ministry. Maintaining continuous research and independent evaluation to ensure the internal inspection used to expose such errors and frauds is methodical and sufficient.


  • Auditing all departments and institutions coming under the Chief Ministry.
  • Conducting sudden inspections.
  • Conducting special investigations.
  • Issuing disclaimer certificates for retiring officers.
  • Reporting of any disciplinary actions or audit queries against retiring staff officers.

VisitEarly Childhood Development Unit


To create a child ready for school education with pre knowledge and skills.


To ensure the rights of children in early childhood, to strengthen them mentally and physically, and to create methodologies and charters to regulate and standardize the Early Childhood Centers, and to implement and regulate them.
The main objectives of this unit are;

  1. Promoting early childhood education in the province.
  2. Registration, management and monitoring of Early Childhood Development Centers.
  3. Creating favorable environment for the physical, mental and overall development of children in the early childhood stage.
  4. Ensuring rights of children in the early childhood stage and providing proper protection for them.
  5. Taking other steps that might be necessary for early childhood development. 

water projectCommunity based Water Project and Sanitary Unit


Uplifting the living standards of people of rural and state sector of the Central Province by supplying them safe drinking water and sanitary facilities


To uplift the living standards of rural and state communities by planning and implementing projects on water supply, sanitation, hygiene education, capacity building and environmental conservation, and coordinating and guiding such projects. To build a proud and prosperous community through participatory development approach and good governance.


  1. Registration, supervision and regulation, restructuring, dissolution, and auditing of community based organisations established for providing drinking water and sanitary facilities in the Central Province. Issuing instructions, laws, regulations and circulars for their administration.
  2. Assisting the community based organisations to act according to the constitution.
  3. Providing guidance and aids for enhancing community water and sanitary projects implemented within the Central Province.
  4. Assisting for capacity development of community based organisations and training officers, committee members, employees and community.
  5. Introducing the role of supporting organisations, coming into agreements with them and proving staff training.
  6. Introducing books, documents and forms suggested by community based organisations and encouraging their usage.
  7. Entering into agreements and coordinating with external parties for projects on community water supply and sanitation.
  8. Implementing community water supply and sanitation projects and establishing community based organisations in relation to the projects in selected Grama Seva divisions in Central Province.
  9. Making the community based organisation the centre for village development.


Cooperative Development

cooperative Development and cooperative employee commission Dept. of Cooperative Development and Cooperative Employee's Commission operate under Chief Ministry of the Central Provincial Council

Department of Education

Department of Education Provides learning opportunities for students in compulsory learning age

Department of Land

housing_construction services Holds sway over all state land in the Central Province and is responsible for the proper management of such land

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