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Event Calendar "Nelum Villa" an awareness program

organized by the Chief Ministry and the Ministry of Education of the Central Province with the objectives of child abuse and minimizing incidents of child abuse  and increasing students' awareness on the same, eradicating drug abuse and improving ethical values, is going on as below





06 May

Kaikawela Central College - Kaikawela, Matale

8.30AM  - 11.30AM 

09 May

Dharmaraja College - Kandy

8.30AM  - 11.30AM 

10 May

St. Sylvester's College - Kandy

8.30AM  - 11.30AM 

13 May

Mahmaya Girls College - Kandy

8.30AM  - 11.30AM 

03 Jun

Veera Parakrama Central College, Yatawatta, Matale

8.30AM  - 11.30AM 

17 Jun

Seethadevi Girls College - Kandy

8.30AM  - 11.30AM 

24 Jun

Vijaya National School, Matale

8.30AM  - 11.30AM 

07 Jul

Karagaskada Central College - Deltota

8.30AM  - 11.30AM 

17 Oct

Hewaheta Central College - Thalatuoya, Kandy

8.30AM  - 11.30AM 

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Department of Education Provides learning opportunities for students in compulsory learning age

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