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Department Telephone No. Website
Department of Education +94 812 225134
Department of Local Government +94 812 202263
Department of Land +94 812 424463
Department of Co-operative Development +94 812 201840
Department of Cultural Affairs +94 813 843374
Department of Trade, Commerce and Tourism +94 812 387118
Department of Engineering Services +94 812 205581
Co-operative Employees' Commission +94 812 220102
Library Services Board +94 812 384032  

Cooperative Development

cooperative Development and cooperative employee commission Dept. of Cooperative Development and Cooperative Employee's Commission operate under Chief Ministry of the Central Provincial Council

Department of Education

Department of Education Provides learning opportunities for students in compulsory learning age

Department of Land

housing_construction services Holds sway over all state land in the Central Province and is responsible for the proper management of such land

Reach Us

Reach us Provincial Council Complex
Kundasale, 20168
Sri Lanka

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