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Main Objectives & Tasks

Our ObjectivesThe Main Objectives

  1. Quantitative and qualitative development in education and equal rights to education for everyone in Central Province as per the national and provincial policies.
  2. Establishing a local government system where people are satisfied through good governance.
  3. Proper usage and development of lands and managing of the government owned lands in the Central Province.
  4. Establishment of a system of cooperative societies with good governance and safeguarding the co-operative employees.
  5. Establishing a proper cultural environment and promoting ethics, goodness and discipline while preserving the identity of all races in the Central Province.
  6. Improving tourism and making it popular as an industry within the Province.
  7. Providing up-to-date technical instructions for development of mid country while preserving the beauty and pride.
  8. Creating a learning culture in the Central Province by giving its people the opportunity to use data and information freely and without hindrance.
  9. Promoting early childhood education in the Central Province.
  10. Uplifting living conditions of rural and estate communities of the Province by providing safe drinking water and sanitary facilities.
  11. To contribute to sustainable development in Central Province.


  1. Enforcing laws, by laws and regulations to achieve objectives of relevant subject fields.
  2. Development and management of human resources in the relevant fields.
  3. Development and management of physical resources in the relevant fields.
  4. Empowering the school education system in the Central Province for the sake of students.
  5. Strengthening the local government structure.
  6. Management of economic, social and environmental factors that affect effective use of public lands.
  7. Performing as a facilitator, consultant, assistant, coordinator and  providing guidance to enhance the co-operative entrepreneurship in the Central Province.
  8. Improving the qualitative and motivational values of employees of cooperative movement.
  9. Enhancing facilities for local and foreign tourists.
  10. Development of libraries in the province such as school libraries, Piriven libraries, departmental libraries and university libraries.
  11. Functioning as a regulatory body for preschools in the province conducted by government and private and non-governmental organizations in order to standardize them.
  12. Planning, implementing, coordinating and providing guidance for projects on water supply, sanitation, hygiene education, capacity building and environmental conservation.

Cooperative Development

cooperative Development and cooperative employee commission Dept. of Cooperative Development and Cooperative Employee's Commission operate under Chief Ministry of the Central Provincial Council

Department of Education

Department of Education Provides learning opportunities for students in compulsory learning age

Department of Land

housing_construction services Holds sway over all state land in the Central Province and is responsible for the proper management of such land

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